Our company already accepts electronic payments from another provider can you still generate electronic bills?
GSB in not a payment provider. Our solution can integrate with any payment provider in the market today.
I have a list of email addresses, can you use that list to register users for eBills?
Yes. Our system can import a CSV file.
How do we send an extra document to those recipients that get their bill electronically?
GSB has a product call eAttachement. We will take your document, create a PDF and attach it to the email sent to your user.
How can I communicate the program to my customers?
At GSB, we have a resident marketing program that includes stuffers and emails that we will brand and send to your customers for you. It’s that easy!
How do customers register for eBill?
A “Go Paperless” link is placed on your website. Customers visit your site and go through a one-time registration process. After that, eBills are sent to them each month.
What is the difference between an eBill and a Paper Bill?
Our eBills solution provides a truly itemized eBill that looks exactly like your paper bills. The only difference is that you no longer pay for postage!