Your customers have evolved and are more connected than ever before, with more complex choices and channels to pursue. In such an environment, they want and expect immediate access to their bills and the ability to pay them when and where they want.

Our Resident Billing Portal integrates both billing and payments into one simplified platform, tailored to fit any business, regardless of industry, making the billing process easier and more convenient from beginning to end.

  • Fully-integrated – housing all your billing functions under one roof gives you the resources you need to efficiently manage your business – regardless of your customers’ channel preferences.
  • eStatements – convenient, easy-to-use electronic alternative to the traditional paper statement. Our Resident Billing Portal will help your business reduce costs, decrease mailing costs and improve cash flow by accelerating payments. Your customers will benefit from having everything in one safe and convenient place with added layers of security, which could lead to an overall improvement in customer satisfaction.
  • Online Payments – whether you have an established payment processor or would like our assistance recommending one for you, integrating with the Resident Billing Portal will ensure a seamless billing process for you and your customers.
  • Customizable Options – the ability to tailor the user experience to your customers’ needs can directly increase response rates, branding and engagement. The Resident Billing portal is customized and configured to your specifications, fitting in with your existing model and boosting your branding efforts. Those branding initiatives extend to the bills and invoices themselves, which can feature your company’s logo, color scheme and messaging.
  • Safe and Secure – we comply with industry standards to protect sensitive information in the interest of both our clients and their customers.

For more information on the Resident Billing Portal, call us at (800) 571-7747 or schedule a DEMO.